Care Baskets- Serve with These Hands

care baskets for grieving mothers

†† Care baskets can bring comfort to those experiencing the loss of their little one.

††††††††††††††††† Each basket contains the following:

Costco throw blanket

Blanket: This blanket is to fill a mother's arms, to cuddle with, and to rest her head on. It can never replace cuddling a baby or the bulge of a baby belly but I wished I had one like it after delivery.

Lip gloss/lotion: My lips were so dry from only chewing on ice while I waited in labor to deliver my baby. My hands were so dry too. I loved having something refreshing to moisten them up with.


Kleenex: The hospital tissue was so rough and I cried so much. The soft tissues are for your tears and those who come to visit.

thank you note

Thank you notes: It may seem strange, but I wanted to write

thank you cards to some of the nurses and visitors. Their kindness overwhelmed me and it helped me sort through my mixed emotions to recognize my appreciation of their service in writing.

cozy socks

Cozy Socks:
My friend Sara brought cozy socks to the hospital for me. At first I didnít think I needed them but then I realized I had been wearing the same pair of hospital socks for 3 days. They were perfect.


Journal/pen: I only grabbed three things the day I headed to the hospital, unaware my baby had passed away. My journal was one of the items I grabbed. I wrote every thought, every doubt, every pain, every verse, and every detail of the days leading to Jeremiahís delivery and the days to follow. It offered me release when my husband didnít understand my pain. It filled the quiet lonely hours in the hospital bed in-between nurse visits. Weeks later, I am still clinging to my journal to release my broken heart and search for hope.


Basket: It will not only hold the items for delivery but the basket will also be used to carry home all of the items collected for memories while in the hospital.

Areas we currently serve -

Ventura County, California

Reno, Nevada

Arlington, Texas

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania